The 4th "Canada Cup" 4v4 Basketball Championship



In other words, if it weren’t for the fourth “Canada Cup” 4v4 Basketball Championship finals in Winnipeg last Saturday, Compasses really didn’t know that Winnipeg still had so many charming little brothers hidden! !

Sports sunny type, muscular boyfriend Max type, cute and handsome type...

One by one shed tears on the court, fighting for honor!

Not only everyone’s personal performance is excellent, but the team’s tactical coordination is also easy to do!

The atmosphere of the scene also burst into the entire Manchester University Stadium, with cheers one after another, passionate, and the atmosphere of the competition was pushed to a climax again and again~

Spin, jump! So handsome! ! !

Are you the same as the small compass

Can every cell in your body burn up?

Congratulations to the defending champion

Canadia Basketball Team

Runner-up basketball team


Brothers from other teams are also great

Thank you all for participating!

Thanks for the wonderful performance of the players!

Support from the cheerleaders and staff of the on-site relatives and friends group!

Friends, see you next year~

Thanks again to the organizers of this competition

Canada Chinese immigration

Manitoba Chinese Network

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