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Baggage preparation checklist for studying in Canada


Students who are going to study in Canada should also remember to prepare their luggage in advance to ensure that their lives can start smoothly.

1. Electronic products

Mobile phones, computers and other electrical appliances should be things that everyone should prepare first. They can be used directly from the country. However, you must prepare the conversion plug in advance. Because the voltage in Canada is 110v, the domestic plug cannot be used directly. .

Peripheral items, including protective covers, stickers, power banks, etc., can also be brought directly from the country, and prepare smaller ones, because the price of these small items in China will be much cheaper than if you buy them directly in Canada.

2. Medical drugs

As freshmen, when you arrive in a new place, you will most likely become unaccustomed. Because your body needs to adapt to the new environment, there will be some stress reactions. Common colds and diarrhea are easy to deal with.

You can bring some basic medicines from the country to deal with these situations. Taking the medicine directly will be more convenient and cheaper than seeing a doctor and buying medicine. You can also prepare a family medicine kit to deal with small wounds or other emergencies in life.

Three, clothing

The climatic conditions in Canada are more typical of temperate and frigid zones, and winter is very cold. Generally, everyone enrolls in September, which is already colder. At this time, you should prepare thick clothes and warm clothes. .

In addition, you must prepare the clothes to be worn on formal occasions. Generally, boys only need a formal dress; in addition to formal dresses, girls also need formal dresses. You may need them for banquets, etc. It is much cheaper to bring them from China.

Four, documents and stationery

Your identity certificate must be taken with you. Passport and visa are proof of legal stay for everyone. They must be confirmed in advance to ensure that they meet the requirements. The application materials such as my offer can be put away after enrollment.

As for the stationery needed for learning, you can also prepare in advance, including paper and pen, U disk, voice recorder, etc., as well as commonly used reference books, which can be brought from China, and it will be more cost-effective. .

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  • Baggage preparation checklist for studying in Canada
    Students who are going to study in Canada should also remember to prepare their luggage in advance to ensure that their lives can start smoothly. 1. Electronic products, mobile phones, computers and other electrical appliances...
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