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U.S. Alien of Extraordinary Ability Immigration EB-1A

The American EB-1A Alien of Extraordinary Ability Immigration Program is the priority level of American professional immigration. The purpose of the program is to attract outstanding talents from various industries worldwide to the United States. It is also a prevalent category of American immigration. For this reason, a large number of quotas are given to open up an accelerated processing channel. It can be approved within 15 working days, even without employer and labour certification requirements. It is not restricted by industry, English level, language, age, and education. Candidates from different occupations can apply, and the whole family can quickly get a permanent green card.

Academic qualifications are not required. To sign the contract, the applicant has to meet the following three requirements. :

(1) At least two national or international awards

(2) Membership of at least two national or international associations

(3) Personal interviews with at least two national or international mainstream medias

(4) Experience of being at least two national or international journal reviewers, competition judges, and conference speakers

(5) At least two original contributions (applied patents, industry standards that have been implemented, scientific research projects that have been closed)

(6) At least five papers published in national or international academic journals, with more than 100 citations

(7) At least two national or international works exhibitions

(8) Serving important positions in well-known enterprises or institutions in the industry

(9) Annual income over one million dollars

(10) The artistic work has received more than one million commercial income

US NIW National Interest Waiver Immigration

US NIW National Interest Waiver immigration, also called high-skilled workers immigration, is a particular category in EB2, because it does not require labour certification and employers’ sponsorship, has a higher pass rate and lower thresh-hold than than EB1A.The program is also popular for its one step procedure to green card. NIW requires low academic qualifications and is not restricted by industry, English level, language, age, and educational qualifications. All occupations can apply and therefore is known as the most popular US green card application pathway.

Requirements for US NIW National Interest Waiver:

To sign the contract with us, you need only meet three of the following requirements:

(1) Bachelor’s degree and more than ten years of major-relevant work experience or Master’s degree and more than five years of major-relevant work experience, or a doctorate degree

(2) Practice license or professional certificate

(3) Annual income over one million dollars

(4) Member ship of at least two industry associations

(5) Awards in the relevant industry field

(6) Personal interview with mainstream media

(7) Experience of being journal reviewer, competition judge, and conference speaker

(8) Original contribution (in patents, industry standards, scientific research projects)

(9) At least five thesis published in national academic journals

(10) Occupies significant positions in enterprises or institutions

US. E2 Treaty Investor Visa

The US. E2 Treaty Investor Visa is an infinite renewable long-term residence visa. It is mainly issued to investors who establish or purchase businesses in the United States, and the investor is from a treaty country with the United States. The overall processing cost is about 160,000 RMB (excluding investment funds), and you can land in the United States within 4-6 months. Moreover, the whole family enjoy also same benefits of a green card holder. Besides, spouses can apply for work permits to work legally, and children under 21 can access local Public education pro bono.

U.S. E2 Treaty Investor Visa Application requirements:

The national of E2 Visa Treaty Countries (such as Singapore, Grenada, Turkey, Montenegro, etc.) invest $100,000 to 200,000 in US enterprises (reasonable amount considering the scale of the business)

1) Accountable and legitimate sources of the funds

2) The investment money is irrevocable

3) To set up a new business, the investment funds need to be invested into the company as start-up capital, and the company has reached an operational state

4) To purchase a business, the investment funds paid must be the business' fair market value. The investor's share of the company in the US. should be no less than 50%, and the company must be genuinely operated. The applicant has no criminal record.

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