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Refute the rumors! Canada "Transfer to Work" Circle of Friends


I think everyone has been swiped by such a news again

The latest policy of the Immigration Bureau:

During the Canadian epidemic,

Resident passengers can apply for work visa directly!

Just rely on an offer from the employer?

It sounds so easy to "Amnesty the World"~

This coke has broken many people. Many small partners with travel visas have expressed that they want to start looking for work to apply for work permits. Doesn't this mean that you can apply for a Maple Leaf Card after working for six months to one year?

Don't worry! Let's take a look at the specific requirements of the policy on the official website:

"The latest provisional regulations: allow travelers to apply for work permits without leaving Canada."

"Welfare policy for employers who still cannot recruit employees"

Emmmm, I have to say that this title is indeed bluffing, and the Immigration Bureau has also started "title party"?

"This policy will be implemented immediately to benefit employers who have difficulty recruiting, as well as workers and temporary visa holders who are willing to contribute to the Canadian labor market during the new crown pandemic."

At first glance, it is indeed quite humane, "you love me", a win-win benefit policy for employers and employees!

Let's take a look at the specific requirements:

Have legal visitor status before August 24, 2020 and continue to stay in Canada;

A Job Offer;

A work permit (Work Permit) application with LMIA support (or LMIA exemption) must be submitted before March 31, 2021;

Meet other basic requirements.

Seemingly plain request,

It seems that just rounding up can start immigration?

Actually, it's not that simple! ! !

It is worth noting:

Work Permit: Work Permit, which is what everyone calls big visa

Work Visa: Work visa, which is what everyone calls small visa

In the third point of the requirement, it is not so easy to require employers to have LMIA~

You should know that employers with LMIA can sponsor foreign employees to apply for work permits to work in Canada at any time.

Applying for LMIA also has corresponding requirements for employers.

It's not even simple,

Not only have to face tedious procedures,

ESDC also needs to assess the qualifications of employers!

It’s not easy to take it as you want,

Guarantee if you want to guarantee.

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