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Rumor influence: 10% of Canadians will refuse to get the vaccine!


According to a survey released by Statistics Canada, 10% of Canadians would refuse to use the COVID-19 vaccine for safety reasons. In this regard, Canadian Chief Health Officer Tan Yongshi warned not to believe the false information about the vaccine circulating on the Internet.

According to nationalpost, Tan Yongshi responded to a survey conducted by Statistics Canada at a press conference on Tuesday, which found that 23% of respondents were unlikely or uncertain whether they would receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Statistics Canada conducted a survey of approximately 4,000 Canadians between June 15 and 21. More than 76% of respondents in the survey said that if the vaccine is ready, they are likely to get the vaccine. However, 14% of people said that they have little or no chance of doing so. 9% of people said they are still uncertain.

For the reasons given by those who said they were unlikely to receive the vaccine, more than half of the respondents expressed lack of confidence in the safety of the vaccine, and they were worried about the potential risks and side effects.

About a quarter of people gave more than one answer. They thought it was unnecessary to get a vaccine, while about 10% said they didn't believe in vaccines at all.

More than one-third said that they may wait until the vaccine looks safe.

The survey also shows that young people in Canada and those without a college degree are more hesitant and nervous about vaccines than those who are older and more educated.

When asked about the survey by the Statistics Bureau, Tan Yongshi emphasized the importance of "vaccine confidence", which she said is the indispensable confidence for the successful launch of a vaccine.

Tan Yongshi said that although the government has agreed to make several changes to the clinical trial process to allow the potential COVID-19 vaccine to be developed more quickly, the regulator will not relax safety supervision or take any shortcuts. She expressed confidence in Canada's regulatory system.

Tan Yongshi believes that social media and Internet companies have certain responsibilities for the spread of false information about vaccines on the Internet. The Canadian government will seek cooperation with different partners to better resolve some misinformation in this field.

Canada’s Deputy Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Howard Njoo, said that for Canadians, the most important thing is to understand that Canada’s primary concern when purchasing vaccines is safety. He said: Canadians should rest assured that Canada’s medical regulatory system is one of the most stringent and respected in the world. Therefore, from the perspective of safety and security, I think Canadians can rest assured that if a vaccine has been developed, It will pass all appropriate regulatory steps in Canada.

Anti-vaccine groups accuse the government of violating the constitution

According to CBC reports, Ontario's anti-vaccine group "Canada Vaccine Choice" and seven other people accused the government of shutting down businesses and requiring masks to be worn and other epidemic prevention measures in violation of the Canadian Constitution. The defendants include the Prime Minister of Canada, the Governor of Ontario, the Mayor of Toronto and many officials from the federal to the local level, as well as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

The indictment was filed in the Ontario Superior Court in early July, but the details have not been made public until now. The indictment posted online by the plaintiff's lawyer, Rocco Galati, blacked out the names of all individual plaintiffs. He stated that this is to prevent someone from harassing them. CBC obtained an uncut copy of the indictment, but agreed not to disclose the name of the plaintiff in the report.

The Ontario High Court has not yet decided whether to accept the case.

The indictment stated that the company’s measures to stop work were extreme, unnecessary, and unjustified. Self-isolation measures are unscientific and have no medical basis. The mandatory regulations on wearing masks in some public places have caused physical and psychological harm. These measures violated Article 2, Article 7, Article 8, Article 9, and Article 15 of the Canadian Charter of Human Rights.

As for CBC, the indictment argued that as a public media, its coverage of the epidemic was not fair and objective, and it deliberately ignored, belittled, or did not report the opinions of experts who disagreed with WHO and the government.

The plaintiff seeks compensation of 1 million Canadian dollars for general damages and 10 million Canadian dollars for punitive damages.

CBC's investigation found that at least two organizations in Canada's anti-vaccine alliance have formed an alliance. Behind them is the well-known US anti-vaccine Sherri Tenpenny (Sherri Tenpenny) operating.

In other words, Canada’s anti-mask and anti-vaccine movement is not spontaneous, nor is it a local movement. To use a familiar term, "foreign forces" are instigating and anti-blockade—anti-mask—anti-vaccine. The movement is a "united front" of the same origin.

Maya Goldenberg, a vaccine expert at the University of Guelph, Canada, told CBC that the similarities between organized anti-mask campaigns and anti-vaccine campaigns are shocking. Their common characteristic is their distrust of government and scientific institutions.

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  • Rumor influence: 10% of Canadians will refuse to get the vaccine!
    According to a survey released by Statistics Canada, 10% of Canadians would refuse to use the COVID-19 vaccine for safety reasons. In this regard, Canadian Chief Health Officer Tan Yongshi warned not to believe the false information about the vaccine circulating on the Internet.
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