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Many friends want to study in Canada, but they don't know what conditions they need to meet before coming to study abroad. Follow Jiahua to see it today!

If GPA is a hard indicator for applying for study in Canada, then the items listed below are soft power that can increase the success rate of applications. Students should not neglect to improve their overall strength while paying attention to improving their grades.

Resume/personal statement/recommendation letter

Canadian colleges and universities will require students to provide a set of essay materials to understand students' comprehensive ability and academic research level from the side.

Work/practical experience

Students with an international study tour background or relevant internship experience are helpful for applying to Canadian universities. Generally, applying for an MBA or a master's degree in education in Canada will require students to have relevant work experience. Other majors do not have this requirement.


This requirement is for art students, such as design students, who need to write their own designs into a booklet to explain the design concept of the work; performance students, such as piano students, need to record videos.

Different majors have different corresponding academic requirements, soft power backgrounds, and overseas study documents. For example, art majors should be more inclined to prepare portfolios; engineering students should pay attention to mathematics and science. Practical opportunities and so on.

Interview/written test

Under normal circumstances, individual schools will have interview or written examination requirements for students, and the school reserves the right to make the final decision.

In addition to the above soft power of studying in Canada, Canadian universities will also refer to these aspects of students when enrolling:

School background

For domestic regular undergraduate students or graduates, students need to hold an undergraduate diploma and degree certificate certified by the Ministry of Education of China after graduation.

For students from "211" and "985" colleges and universities, the weighted average score of students must be above 80/100. Students from dual-non-university colleges with an average score of 85/100 or more are more competitive.

Language score

Although Canada belongs to the North American education system, the language test is mainly based on IELTS and supplemented by TOEFL. Before applying to the school, students need to confirm which test results the school recognizes. Generally, students applying for postgraduate IELTS need to be above 6.5 and TOEFL score above 90.


These two exams are not mandatory for applying for Canadian graduate students, but some prestigious schools will recommend students to provide these two scores in order to screen out outstanding applicants: science and engineering students provide GRE scores, business students provide GMAT Achievement. GRE usually recommends a score of 310 or more, and a GMAT of 580 or more.

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