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Interpretation of 2020 Canadian Study Abroad and Immigration Policy


Canadian study and immigration policy

Canada’s study abroad policy is that all students who have studied in Canada for a college degree or above can apply for a graduate work permit after graduation, and then continue to work in the country. The length of the graduate work permit is generally determined according to the length of the applicant's academic system. The immigration policies of various provinces are also different, but they are also similar. Once an international student holds a Canadian student visa and studies a full-time course in a Canadian university or college, if a married applicant is allowed to bring a partner and children. A partner can apply for a work permit that is the same length as the study visa, and take skilled migration through work; children can apply for free public education at the local public education bureau, and the free period is equal to the length of the study visa for international students.

Canada study and immigration suits the crowd

Different age student visas are approved by the Canadian Immigration Bureau differently. In general, the older the age, the greater the risk of refusal.

1. 18 years old (below)-25 years old

Most applicants in this age group have graduated from high school or during college, and have no actual work experience. They are generally for the purpose of studying and have a very pure intention of studying abroad.

2. Between 25 and 30 years old

Most applicants in this age group have already graduated and have relative work experience, but the financial strength is not sufficient. Many people are in order to study a higher degree of master's degree in Canada. But it cannot be said that such people will not refuse visas at all, and there is a certain probability. It is recommended that such applicants should be married, so that the Immigration Bureau believes that they still have a deep bond with the country and can ensure that they can return to the country after graduation. And it can continue to study records and the past study records are related to the major or the nature of the current job. The purpose of studying in Canada is to further improve the current professional level, so as to show their true desire to study abroad.

3. Age group over 30

Applicants of this age group have the most number and the highest rate of visa refusal, especially those after the age of 40 are considered by the Immigration Bureau to obviously study abroad to achieve the purpose of immigration. Therefore, the Canadian Immigration Service has the most stringent review of this part of the applicant.

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