New Brunswick


1.jpegNew Brunswick: is the first of Canada's three coastal provinces and Canada's green coastal province. It is bordered to the north by Chaleurs Bay, to the east by the Gulf of St. Lawrence and The Northumberland Strailt, and to the South by the Bay of Fundy. The province is bordered by the U.S. state of Maine to the west and Quebec to the northwest.

Living Environment:

New Brunswick (English: New Brunswick) has a temperate Marine climate with four distinct seasons.

Educational Resources:

New Brunswick: New Brunswick is rich in educational resources and advanced in higher education. As early as 1871, NB established a modern public school system, consisting of 16 universities and community colleges and more than 100 private training institutions. It enjoys a reputation in computer science, engineering, forestry, nursing, law and the humanities, and consistently produces highly qualified people. Major institutions of higher learning are: University of New Brunswick, University of Moncton, University of Mount Allison, University of St. Thomas.

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