Manitoba, M.B. for short, is a province in south-central Canada. Manitoba, which means "a place where spirit lives" in aboriginal language, is known as the "sunshine capital of Canada." Manitoba has 10 cities, with Winnipeg as its provincial capital. Manitoba has an area of 649,950 square kilometers, a population of 1.369 million as of 2019, and a GDP of c $68.1 billion, with manufacturing as its mainstay industry. The climate of the province has four distinct seasons, with colder winters and warmer summers. Rivers and lakes include nelson River, Churchill River and so on. Manitoba is the easternmost of the three prairie provinces, bordered by Nunavut to the north, Ontario to the east, the United States to the south, and Saskatchewan to the west. Located in the heart of Canada, Manitoba is also the transportation hub for all of Canada

Climatic characteristics of Manchuria

Manitoba has a temperate continental climate, with hot and sunny summers and long, cold but sunny winters, making it one of the provinces with the longest hours of sunshine in Canada. The summer temperature of the province is about 25℃~26℃, and the average afternoon temperature from June to August is 25℃. The daytime temperature in winter is generally near the freezing point (0℃), and the lowest temperature in winter can reach -24℃. More than half of the province's annual rainfall falls in summer showers. Most areas in the south get between 110 and 140 cm of snow a year, with the northeast, the Darke Mountains and the Riding Mountains getting the most snow, up to 160 cm a year.

Culture in Manitoba

For thousands of years, Manitoba's aboriginal people have gathered at the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine rivers in Winnipeg, the province's capital. Named One of Canada's historic cities in 2010, Winnipeg is an ethnically diverse, modern city that offers a wide variety of cultural, culinary and urban leisure options.

Manchurian Educational Resources

As of 2020, Manitoba has three Universities in the English language category: The University of Manitoba (14th in the McLean Medical Doctoral category), the University of Winnipeg (15th in the McLean Basic Category), and Brandon University. In addition to Manitoba International College, Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology, Louis Riel Arts & Technology Centre, Assiniboine Community College, Red River College, and private seminary.

There are 6 public education boards and private schools famous in North America. The 6 public education boards are: St. James School Division, Louis Riel School Division, Pembina Trail School Division, Winnipeg School Division, Seven Oaks School Division, River East Transcona School Division The best known private high schools are St. John Ravenscott College (SJR, Canada's 4th highest private high school) and Balmoro Noble Girls' High School (BH).

Manitoba Practical Information

CF Polo Park

As Manitoba's largest shopping mall, CF Polo Park has exclusive access to 200 of the best stores and services as well as multiple brands. CF Polo Park is filled with natural sunlight and spacious walkways to provide you with a first-class shopping experience.

Business hours

Saturday, Sunday

11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Monday to Friday

10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Polo Park Shopping Centre 66Q-1485 Portage Ave

Outlet Collection Winnipeg

Winnipeg Name Store is Manitoba's first pure outlet store with more than 100 popular direct brands. World-class fashion and lifestyle brands await you, including Saks OFF Fifth, Banana Republic Factory Store, Nike Factory Store, Under Armour, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger Outlet etc!

Business hours


11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Monday to Wednesday

11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Thursday to Saturday

11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Address:555 Sterling Lyon Parkway

Winnipeg Transit is Winnipeg's public Transit system

To find bus schedules in Winnipeg, go to the Winnipeg Public Transit website, which includes the cost of a bus ticket, a guide to riding a bus, and a map.

Bus fee

Cost: Cash fares for 2018 are $2.95 per ticket, and ticket prices are $2.60 per ticket. There are also weekly and monthly passes. Student monthly pass: $80.10/ month. U-pass is offered from September to December and January to April and is included in tuition. Tip: please pay attention to the purchase of monthly tickets except student tickets and keep shopping receipts and monthly tickets, tax year all income personnel bus tickets can be tax declaration. Charges for details see:

Purchase Tickets Spots

Each big Drugmart, Safeway, 7-eleven, Mac 's, Superstore complete purchase ticket location: Tips: Students can Post their Secondary Student Pass with a valid Student ID card, but only at universities and colleges. The price is $70.85. When you Post your Secondary Student Pass, present your Student ID card to the driver.

Transfer: If you travel with Cash and Ticket, you can ask the bus driver for Transfer. Transfer is free of charge within 75 minutes from printing. There are two types of Peggo cards :E-passes: These cards are like weekly passes and monthly passes that can be used an unlimited number of times over a period of time. But the time is more flexible and the validity period can range from 24 hours to a full year. E-cash: These cards are like disposable tickets and can be used as electronic cash payments. Every time you use it, the fare will be deducted once. If you change your car within 75 minutes, the fare will not be deducted. The purchase fee for the Pe g G card is $5.00, but if you register online during the limited period, you will receive $5.00 e-cash back. Peggo cards can be purchased at any 7-Eleven and Shoppers, online or over the phone.

Bus Route Schedule

Official website enquiries:

Go to and write Origin and Destination for route options. Or fill in the specified 5-digit station number in Find a Stop Timetable for Today to get the station

Full day schedule.

SMS query:

Send the five-digit station number, add space, add the line number to 287898, the system will automatically reply the arrival time of the next flight. For example, if you want to check the next flight time of 51 and 162 at Manchester Station, you can text "6067551162" to 287898 to get the next flight time, route number and destination name. Details see:

Telephone Enquiry:

Dial (204) 287-7433 and enter the five-digit station number as prompted. If you want to find a bus line at the current station, press 1. If you want to find a bus line at the current station, enter the line number.

Mobile App query:

IOS: Transit, Transit 360

Android: Winnipeg Bus Live, Transit

Correct way to open a car rental in Canada

First-tier brand car rental companies: Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Sixt, etc

Many stores, model choice, quality service, but the price is generally slightly higher. If you have high requirements for service, brand and vehicle condition, you can choose this brand.

Second-tier brand car rental companies: Budget, Dollar, Alamo, etc

The service is good, the price is moderate, the car condition is good, suitable for the pursuit of cost-effective, but there are certain requirements for the brand, choose this kind of car or need to be careful when taking back the car, pay attention to identify the phenomenon of disorderly charges on the bill.

Chinese service Rental companies: Yesaway, Aucar, Ezu, Reach Car Rental, Didi International, Rental Car, etc

Some international chain Chinese service car shops, in addition to service and car conditions pass, can provide Chinese car rental services, very suitable for foreign language small white and the first time to go abroad to drive the crowd.

Credit Card

To rent a car in Canada, you must present a valid international credit card, such as VISA, MASTERCARD, etc., which must be your own credit card.


Original copy of the driver's passport.

A driver's license

A driver's license is essential. If you want to rent a car in Canada, you also need a Translation of your Chinese driver's license to help the local police or car rental company read your license, but it must be a Certified Translation.

Note: Most car rental companies require drivers to have a driver's license for at least one year. Some car rental companies also have an age limit for drivers.

Most car rental companies quote only rent and taxes, not insurance. The following are some of the more common types of insurance.


After an accident, you need insurance to cover repairs and medical bills if you cause damage to the other party's vehicle or person.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

Personal accident insurance, usually covered by your own travel or accident insurance, if not, you can get it from a car rental company. PAI also typically covers Personal Effects Coverage (PEC), which covers the cost of stolen or damaged items in your car.

Crash Waiver Claim Agreement (CDW)

The most common part of car rental insurance. With this agreement, the car rental company will not claim compensation from you if an accident results in damage to your rental car. It is also possible that Loss Damage relinquishment (LDW) will cover any Loss due to theft, robbery, etc. In general, CDW includes LDW. That is to say, the insurance covers your own car.

In the case of adequate budget, it is recommended to choose the most comprehensive insurance coverage possible. Mainly because:

First, the cost of foreign car repair is more expensive;

Second, if personal injury is caused, not only the medical fee is high, but also the compensation will be very high;

Third, the greater the scope of protection, the more you can reduce the follow-up trouble, help you save a lot of time.

1. Buy from ICBC

But the premise of buying this is that you must have your own insurance, and including Collision Coverage to be eligible to buy.

2. Buy it from a rental car company

The car rental company will try to sell you their insurance, but what they're selling you is not insurance, but the car rental company is in a sense giving up the right to claim from you if you have an accident.

3. Use a Cover Rental Car credit card

This is the only way to have car rental insurance without you paying, but the prerequisite is that you use a cover Rental car credit card to pay for the car.

1. Bring all documents and guarantee the quota

The main driver should bring all the relevant documents and two international credit cards under his/her name to ensure that he/she has enough available credit for the pre-authorization freeze of the vehicle deposit.

If you pick up the car in advance, you must return the car in advance

If you pick up the car in advance, you should return the car at the same time in advance, otherwise the store will charge additional rental fees according to the store price.

3. Additional drivers should be registered

If there is an additional driver, be sure to show the relevant information and register at the store, otherwise the insurance will be invalid if the additional driver has an accident.

4. Check the vehicle

Check the car carefully when you pick it up. If any abnormality is found (even if it is a very small scratch), it is necessary to point out to the staff and indicate the damage position on the inspection sheet. Do not trust the verbal commitment of the staff and do not mark the small scratches. If conditions and time permit, it is suggested to take photos to record, so as to avoid disputes when returning the car.

5. Take good care of all contracts and documents

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