Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan). Located in central Canada, together with Alberta and Manitoba, they are known as the Prairie Provinces. Two of the major cities: Saskatoon and Regina. Saskatchewan has independence day alone the thickness of the agricultural resources, in addition to the arctic northern Saskatchewan is large forests, in most areas are fertile farmland, nearly half of the arable land in the Canadian province of most kinds of world famous Canada - the field of high quality wheat, is still a big province of mining and energy at the same time, its potash ore reserves accounted for two-thirds of the world reserves, recoverable for hundreds of years; Uranium ore output ranks first in the world. Saskatchewan is Canada's second largest producer of crude oil, the third largest producer of natural gas, and the world's largest diamond-bearing igneous rock. Saskatchewan is also known as the "Capital of biotechnology". Unlike major cities such as BC and Ontario, which are economically saturated, Saskatchewan, as a developing province, has very good employment prospects, and its immigration policy can be said to be extremely low. • Population 1.03 million, with more than 60% of the population living in cities,

• Saskatchewan has four distinct seasons.

• Provincial capital: Regina,

• Major cities: Regina, Saskatoon,

• Famous University: University of Saskatchewan, ranked 9th in medicine and PhD in 2013; Ranked 4th in biotechnology and scientific research in the world; Science ranked top 10.

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