Alberta (English: Alberta), is one of the three western Prairie provinces of Canada. It is the fourth largest province in Canada, bordering British Columbia in the west and Saskatchewan in the east. In 2017, it has a population of about 4 million. The province is one of Canada's more developed economies, driven mainly by the forestry, oil and gas industries. In recent years, Hollywood cowboy themed big-budget movies, mostly set in Alberta, the most famous "Dances with Wolves" and starring Jackie Chan "Shanghai Noon"; Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain was also filmed here.

Living Environment in Alberta:

Climate: Grassland climate, four distinct seasons, cold winter but affected by the west Pacific warm current, the duration of extremely cold weather is short. Sunshine, 300 days a year.

Ease of life: There are two major cities in Alberta - Edmonton (provincial capital) and Calgary. With a population of 1.4 million, Calgary is Canada's fourth largest city. High degree of modernization, three direct flights a week to Beijing, the ticket price was once as low as 3000 YUAN round trip! It is very convenient for people who travel between China and Canada. Edmonton, the provincial capital, is also home to 1.3 million people and is a three-hour drive from Calgary. With Edmonton and Calgary two international airports, it can quickly connect Canada and other major international cities. Except for Edmonton and Calgary, Other major cities in the province are Lethbridge, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Medicine Hat, and Wood Buffalo Buffalo, Lloydminster, Canmore, Wetaskiwin, etc.

Income: Alberta has long been known for its high income. It is rich in mining and its per capita income is significantly higher than other Canadian provinces. The minimum hourly wage will reach C $15 in October 2018.

Safety: Calgary in Alberta has been ranked the fifth most livable city in the world for several consecutive years, ranking first in all aspects of the world. Although the safety of the city is not compared with small and medium-sized cities, it is still one of the safer cities in the ranking of big cities.

Taxes: Alberta has a low cost of living and only pays 5% GST to the national government for purchases, while the provincial government does not collect taxes.

Proportion of Chinese: More than 100,000 Chinese live in Alberta.

Education resources: Alberta has two top universities, the University of Alberta (top 100 in the world) and the University of Calgary (top 200 in the world). In addition, It has NAIT and SAIT, two leading junior colleges in Canada.

Travel and leisure: Alberta is famous for its Rocky Mountains, Banff National Park, and Carlsberg National Park within 2 hours of major cities. Beautiful scenery, perennial national Geographic magazine cover, is Canada's landscape card.

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