British Columbia


British Columbia, referred to as: B.C., or British Columbia, is a first-class administrative region of Canada, located in the country's westernmost province, west of the Pacific Ocean, the capital is located in Victoria, Vancouver Island, the largest city of the province is Vancouver. With an area of 944,735 square kilometres, it is the third largest province in Canada by area. The main industries are forestry, mining and fishing. As of 2011, British Columbia has an estimated population of 4400057. With pleasant climate, it is one of the preferred cities for Chinese immigrants in the world.

Living Environment in British Columbia


Vancouver has a mild year-round climate with a temperate maritime climate. The summer temperature is generally about 20℃, and the winter temperature is above 0℃. The average maximum temperature in Vancouver is 6℃ in January and 22℃ in July. It seldom snows in winter, but there is still more rainfall, which brings Vancouver the title of "Rain capital of Canada". In November, the temperature in Vancouver is generally maintained between 3℃ and 9℃, which is warm and comfortable.

Educational Resources: The Vancouver Education Board provides public education in Vancouver, including 74 primary schools, 18 secondary schools and 7 adult education centres. Vancouver is also home to three famous universities: 

  • The University of British Columbia was ranked 22nd in the world by The Times in 2012, and 2nd in the latest Medical doctoral category of Canadian Universities by McCollin in 2013. 

  • Simon Fraser University, named the Best Comprehensive University in Canada by MacLean's Magazine in 2009. 

  • Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Founded in 1925, It is one of British Columbia's oldest institutions of higher learning and one of Canada's four independent arts colleges. It is recognized in the world as an institution of innovation and excellence in visual arts, film and television art and design.

Taxes and Fees: The cost of living in British Columbia is high, with a 5% GST payable to the federal government and a 7% provincial tax payable to the provincial government.

Travel and Leisure: Vancouver, British Columbia, which hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics, has many tourist attractions, including Stanley Park, Lions Gate Bridge, Canada Square, Queen Elizabeth Park, Capilano Suspension Bridge, Chinatown and Whistler.

Income: The median household income in British Columbia in 2014 was $76,770.

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