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Jia Hua Immigration Service
  • 10
    Immigration Service Extends over 10 Provinces in Canada
    Jia Hua Immigration mainly provides services including Canadian Visas, International Education Programs, Labor, Immigration, Business consultations, etc. We also provide services like Business visits, Family/Tourism Visitor visas, Business Investment, etc. The production line truly achieves all Canadian Provincial Immigration Programs – 360-degree coverage without dead ends!
  • 10
    10 Directly Managed Branches
    Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Shenyang, China, and Taishan, Guangdong has field offices of Jia Hua Group, all of which are directly managed companies. The Canadian Federation/Google Maps and China's industrial and commercial information can be verified.
  • 11
    11 Years Canadian Local Brand Company
    As the top source company in Canada, Jia Hua Immigration has eight direct-operated companies spanning the east and west coastlines of Canada. Over the years, a large number of stable and high-quality employer resources have been accumulated in various industries. The long-term strategic cooperation and close relationship of mutual benefit and win-win with different employers.
  • 12
    12 Licensed Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants
    12 Chinese RCICs (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) are working closely in Jia Hua eight direct-operated companies. RCIC is the only Canadian-certified immigration consultant recognized by the Canadian government and the Ministry of Immigration. It is mainly responsible for representing applicants (that is, clients) in submitting applications to Canadian immigration offices at all levels or communicating with immigration offices at all levels on behalf of clients during the process.
  • 24
    VIP 7/24
    Consulting Service
    Covering six major time zones in Canada, with various Chinese companies; Perfect cooperation, VVVIP service is provided 24 hours a day. The macro analysis and comparison of immigration policies in various province, sharing abundant and stable employer resources, and creating the most suitable immigration plan for customers according to customer requirements, "prompt, accurate and stable".
  • Professional information
    Professional RCICs support one to one service.
  • Submit Information
    We will strictly follow the confidentiality agreement upon information submitted to Jia Hua Group.
  • Case
    RCIC reviews client profiles detailedly for matching immigration programs.
  • Producing Immigration Plan
    RCIC designs perfectly match immigration plan.
  • Preparing documents
    The consultant assistant collects all the required information for the application without omission.
  • Submit Application
    Applications will be submitted after overall review by Immigration Lawyers and Professional Case Processing Team.
  • Visa
    Obtain approval letter; Reconsideration service provided by professional Immigration Lawyer for rejections.
  • Land In
    One-stop landing and settlement butler service in Canada was offered by Jia Hua Group directly managed branches.
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